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Team Building

Using Art to Build Stronger, More Creative and Resilient Teams

Working together in a team building exercise using clay

Team Building Programs

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Clay Team Building Exercise
Clay Team Building Exercise

To ensure the success of your organization, you must build strong and effective teams, able to communicate and function in times of crisis and able to meet challenges with creative solutions.

Artists At Heart offers half and full day programs where your team will have an opportunity to work together on improving communication and conflict resolution, while creating in a fun and relaxed environment. Choose the full-day option for a more intense and in-depth exploration of methods your team can use to overcome challenges.

Just as a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, an organization is only as good as its team – is your team as great as it can be? Can you imagine your team even better? An effective team building investment can create value for your organization for months and years to come, and doesn’t require tens of thousands of dollars and weekends away in some survival camp in a remote area of the country.

Half day and full day workshops include brief traditional classroom exercises followed by a clay project activity. Each clay activity is followed by a debriefing session where participants explore what they have learned and how they can apply these lessons to their work. Teams have fun and explore the factors that enhance teamwork including communicaton, decision making, conflict resolution and creative problem solving.

Make long lasting and positive impacts on your team’s performance with fun and engaging, team building activities that also provide challenges relevant to the day to day functioning of the team.

Half-day and full-day workshop options for up to 12 participants.

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