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Fundraising Parties

Have a nonprofit you’d like to help? Wondering what kind of a fundraising event to plan? Are bake sales and raffles getting tedious? Try something fun and engaging – Artists at Heart can help you with your next fundraising event.

Painting hand-made clay owl

Fundraising Ideas for Nonprofits

Pottery Making Fundraiser

Play with Clay!

With almost unlimited project options, pottery making parties are a creative and fun way to raise money for your nonprofit organization.

Pottery making is fun for all ages!  Why not have a fun and creative pottery making fundraiser?  Make it an adult evening or an afternoon family event.  With a wide range of projects and budgets, there is something for everyone.


Contact Virginia@ArtistsAtHeart.com for more information and options.

Get Creative with Jewelry

Jewelry Making Fundraiser

Make beautiful Jewelry! 

You can put on an Artists at Heart Jewelry-making party to fundraise money.
Artists at Heart will charge a fixed price for each type of item made by a guest. You set the retail price to whatever you think your guest would be willing to pay to help your cause.

Other pieces will be available for sale with a percentage going to your cause.  Artists at Heart can make a line of jewelry projects that relate to your cause. For example, we have done items specifically for Alzheimers, Breast Cancer, Ovarian Cancer and Huntingdon’s Disease. We have a line of earrings in support of animal rescue. We can also do themes for sports and other groups.

Let us create a fun party to fundraise money for your cause that everyone will enjoy!

Contact Mary@ArtistsAtHeart.com for more information and options.

Host a Tasting Party

Party-In-A-Bowl Fundraiser

Eat, Drink, and Raise Money!

If you want an easy and relaxing way to raise money for your charity, our Party In A Bowl fundraiser is a perfect choice.  We provide all the food and you provide the venue and the guests.  This is great for large groups or intimate gatherings.

Your guests get to sample dips and other hors d’oeuvres, salads main courses and desserts, all made with Party In A Bowl mixes.  They can purchase the mixes and our beautiful hand-made stoneware bowls, baking, and serving dishes to raise money for your cause. 

For more information, please visit Party-In-A-Bowl.com.

Contact Info@ArtistsAtHeart.com for more information and options.